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Butterfly Original Art, Print and Sticker

Butterfly Original Art, Print and Sticker

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This Butterfly Original Art Set is perfect for art or nature lovers! Enjoy the fun and boho vibes of the original butterfly art, and use the included sticker and bookmark to show off your appreciation of nature.

Original Piece is watercolor/ink on Strathmore watercolor paper,5.7 x 8.52 inches - signed by me and comes with certificate of authenticity. 

Prints are printed on premium matte paper - also signed by me.

Bookmarks are printed and laminated by me - mark that spot when you read.

Stickers are sold individually or in a combo pack with a 4 x 6 print and bookmark. Stickers are waterproof and you can be used on waterbottles, journals, folders - whereever you feel the need. 

Free shipping in US is via USPS.... 

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