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Blue Bee Queen Original Art, Print, Stickers

Blue Bee Queen Original Art, Print, Stickers

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This unique Blue Bee Queen art print, sticker, and bookmark captures the beauty of a bee in a uniquely boho style. The intricate details of the design and color provide an eye-catching effect that will brighten up any wall or provide an artistic touch. 

Original Piece is watercolor/ink on strathmore watercolor paper,5.7 x 8.52 inches - also has gold leaf on the uh, bottom area (wink). Signed by me and comes with certificate of authenticity. 

Prints are printed on premium matte paper - also signed by me.

Bookmarks 2 x 6 inch and are printed and laminated by me, myself and I.

Stickers are sold individually or in a combo pack with a 4 x 6 print and bookmark. Stickers are waterproof and you can be used on waterbottles, journals, folders - whereever you feel the need. 

Free shipping in US is via USPS.... 

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